Bloons Tower Defense 5

Game has few major improvements and few minor gameplay changes. Bloons Tower Defense 5 is playable like never before. At start choose your map and then start your tower defense adventure. Place monkeys all over the track and they need to prevent bloons to pass by.

This is “how to play” tutorial for Bloons Tower Defense 5. At start of bloons td 5 free you will need to take some time to until the game loads. After that, you can register your account or you can play as guest. We suggest you to make an account because you will have access to some features, and your score will be shown on leaderboard. In main menu you have several options to select. One of them is a premium, where you need to donate small amount of real money to play. After that, you will se “Special Agnets” – there you can buy some “premium towers” for your combat against bloons. Then, there is a “special buildings” option. There you can buy buildings with special powers. And, finally we come to the “play” option. After you click play, there will be shown a small menu with several possibilities. You can play “new game”, load previous game, play “daily challenges” and after all you can play “special missions”.

When you choose “new game” you will have possibility to select one of 19 maps. Each map has their own difficulty and some maps you need to unlock to play.

We choose first map and it’s for beginners. You will need to choose difficulty of bloons. Harder game you choose, more money you will earn. Also, there is an option to play every stage on reverse.

The game has started and there is nothing on the map. You have the privilege to schedule monkeys (towers) all over the map. When you place all towers around map, press “go” to release bloons to your field. If you destroy them all you will earn money and some Xp points. More money you earn more towers will be unlocked. So, have fun and enjoy in this great game.

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