Bloons Tower defense 6 is finally here! As usual this game is really addictive and offer as tons of new features. 6th installment of bloons tower defense have some major graphics improvements, as well there is some significant gameplay improvements. Graphics changes made this game more interesting and beautiful. Gameplay changes apply to some bloons movements and concern to towers. Towers got some new upgrades which you make more stronger and make a game even more addictive and funnier. Game gave some old maps but there is few new. They are even more harder to manage and you will see what really tower defense means.

Bloons terrorize your land while they passing by. You decide to stop this misbehavior and you develop some towers which should be sufficient to prevent all bloons attacks. At first place towers on your land and prepare them for waves of bloons. Bloons usual come in few waves and every next wave is stronger from last one. For every killed bloon you will receive money. Money you earn use to upgrade your towers. You can upgrade accuracy, speed, number of shots, distance and many more. As main feature in this game you will have skills that you will be able to upgrade for every successful finished level. Game has some new bloons that will attack your towers and sabotage your defence. For some bloons you will need to spend all your money to destroy them. To win in this game you will need to upgrade all your towers to the max and buy all weapons available on the market.

We have a great time with this game and it for sure "must play"! Take some time and play this master piece in tower defense genre. Enjoy in this game.